Report Suggests Biden Could Benefit If Fellow Liberals Sue Him To Stop Immigration Orders


A recent New York Times report suggested that President Joe Biden could actually benefit if liberal organizations sue him after he tries to take executive action on the border.

As Congress continues to debate border initiatives, Biden is reportedly considering taking executive action to halt those who illegally cross into the U.S. from being granted asylum, several people familiar with the talks told the NYT. Biden apparently could end up using some of the same legal powers former President Donald Trump did, which got him sued by a number of progressive organizations during his presidency.

A lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) told the NYT there’s a real possibility the organization could sue Biden if he takes executive action on the southern border, depending on the details of the policy.

Engaging in a legal fight over Biden’s potential executive action could benefit the president, as it would allow him to further blame Republicans for failing to address the border crisis, the NYT piece suggested. Biden has tried to blame Republicans and Trump for the poor state of the southern border, claiming that the GOP hasn’t given him the legal authority he needs through Congress to make substantive changes.

“But a legal fight, regardless of the outcome, could allow Mr. Biden to try to neutralize one of his biggest political vulnerabilities — the chaos at the southern border,” the NYT wrote. “Republicans have repeatedly used the border crisis to portray Mr. Biden as weak on enforcement. A legal battle would allow him to spotlight Republicans’ refusal to provide him the power to crack down at the border through legislation.”

Brad Bannon, a Democratic strategist, agreed with the report, adding to the Daily Caller that such a scenario would be a “big plus politically.”