Paws Off Our Beloved Pets, Klaus Schwab

by Judi McLeod at

In this getting-darker-by-the-hour, cold, hostile, crooked-judge and unloving world where folk can be torn from their families all for believing in God, or “CAUGHT” praying, there is not much left that runaway, unelected globalists can take away from humanity.

Tossing out belief in God is a Mission Impossible for the godless World Economic Forum (WEF). Most of those caught and punished for praying will only pray harder.

Having successfully removed children from homes whose parents refuse to call school-transgendered kids by their chosen pronouns, giddy-with-power, globalists are now coming after peoples’ pets.

If—and it’s a big IF—they get away with getting rid of pets, the masses will be left heartbroken and ever so lonely—but that will make Klaus Schwab and his worldwide WEF’ers ever so happy.

‘Globalist Agenda Unleashed: Klaus Schwab is coming for your pets. He wants to decarbonise them.’(Jim Ferguson, Feb. 21, 2024)

    “Beneath the veneer of environmental stewardship, a more sinister agenda unfolds, orchestrated by globalist powers that threaten to upend the very fabric of our personal freedoms.
    “The draconian measures being proposed and enacted under the guise of reaching ‘Net Zero’ are but the harbinger of a grim future, where the overreach of a globalist government knows no bounds.