Wisconsin MassResistance team stops “cancel culture” attempt by local school officials against activist’s job

via massresistance.org

Across the country, leftists try to punish pro-family people for speaking out by threatening and harassing their employers to get them fired from their jobs.

As a result, conservatives often silence themselves in fear. But not our Wisconsin MassResistance team!

For the past eight months, our Kenosha, Wisconsin group has been speaking forthrightly and protesting at School Board meetings. They’ve been pushing for parental notification and parental rights policies. They are demanding that all the LGBT programs and indoctrination be removed from the schools – including the obscene and sexually graphic books in the school libraries.

The parents were able to get the district to remove some books from the school libraries. But then, near the end of 2023, the School Board doubled down and set up an ad hoc committee to review one of the most egregious books, All Boys Aren’t Blue. Among other depravities, the book describes in sexually explicit detail a ten-year-old boy being raped by his older male cousin. People across the country are sickened by this book.

The five-person committee to review this pornographic book was made up of three school staff members, a homosexual parent “married” to another man, and one conservative parent. The committee voted 4-1 to keep the book in the school.