Was U.S. Attorney Durham Bewitched By Green Schemers From The Mythical Realm Of Cascadia?


by Conor Coughlin

How was it possible for Special Council John Durham to overlook so many obvious national security concerns, in his pathetic Russian election fraud investigation? In order to find no “provable criminal offense” to prosecute, every member of Durham’s legal had to turn a blind-eye to the partisan hacks over at the Transition Integrity Project (TIP). An activist group that had run War Game scenarios, to ‘save’ the 2020 election from a political opponent. These high-ranking public officials had proposed one scenario, that had suggested the mythical realm of Cascadia could secede from the Union if the 2020 election was about to go off the rails.

As hysterical crack-pots, this group was insisting that Joe Biden shouldn’t concede the 2020 election, if the ballot count on election day was close. The group then planted a ridiculous narrative with their media pals, claiming that President Trump was never planning on conceding the 2020 election under their delusional version of reality.

Which was absolutely true! Only the village idiot would accept such a bizarre legal premise, for rigging savingan election. Thissame body of public servants pretending to be deep-thinkers, also considersboth elections and electrical energy to be government-invented commodities, which could be bought and sold by the highest bidders.

In other words, the U.S. Presidential candidate must be the person most favored by the members of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. Which is populated by bureaucrats like CalPHER’s Marcie Frost, the CEO with a high-school diploma that spent 30 years as public servant in Washington State. That same type of double-standard in credibility, has been behind the misguided thinking of the Environmental Protection Agency, and the United Nations for well over five decades. Which only requiresa deep belief that the1960’sradicals, had aright to destroy the private property, reputations, and the social standing of any political opponents that dared to defy their shadowygreen agenda.

By 1997, the late Ron Arnold had produced his book Eco Terror: The Violet Agenda to Save Nature- The World of the Unabomberabout the mindlessness behind a vague agenda. Ted Kaczynski’s crazy Manifesto wasn’t about creating a Utopian society, or even saving nature. Just as the Davos Manifesto originally produced by professor Klaus Schwab in 1973, had absolutely nothing to do with ushering in a Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Americans were never allowed to consider the true agenda behind the International Socialism plans crafted by the World Economic Forum, because the economic policies of those Cultural Marxist predated the foundation of the EPA. No one in their right mind should believe the Club of Rome, or the Enron-Earth Day gang ever had any interested in advancing honest, transparent business policies. Or that the EPA, had a legitimate reason for suppressing the news surrounding their new Smart Grid product-line that had the potential to deliver trillions of dollars in revenue to ENERGY STAR® Public-Private partners.

Durham’s team had dutifully ignored the 99-page opinion by FISA Court Judge Rosemary Collyer, on the massive illegal spying program conducted by Obama’s Intel Community against opponents to his Clean Power Plan that went before SCOTUS. That was to keep American in the dark up the relationships between the EPA, and the UN’s old Green Energy Platform. Which had introduced the new business concept of ‘Platform Thinking’, that allowed bureaucrats affiliated with shady groups like Climate Mayors to implement DEI policies at thoroughly corrupt UN organizations.

It’s difficult to have a rational conversation on science, education or law, with highly-paid UN bureaucrats operating programs like UNRWA , that have been running a Palestinian refugee scam for seventy-five years.

What’s even more difficult is understanding how John Durham was able to overlook the Berkeley California-China Climate Institute, which had allegedly been operating out of the law office at U.C.Berkeley since 2010. That year The Guardian produced an article, claiming the State Dept and CIA had sought to rig the outcome from the Copenhagen Climate Change summit in 2009. The Berkeley fiasco was declared a “$220 million mistake” in February of 2023, because it had only been three years since the boondoggle had been declared dead by the State legislature.

That had to present a real problem for the Dept of Energy, that had instituted the “Creating Equity in Energy For People of Color” program. That sought to utilize minority groups for EPA Superfund cleanup’s, at sites polluted by government-created toxic waste. That new program has become more complicated by the EPA’s newest Portland Harbor Superfund project, that has been the subject of research since 1920.

The EPA’s new problem involves a multi-billion dollar shake-down scheme conducted down in Ecuador that resulted in a Chevron RICO case, in which Chevron notified the EPA Portland Harbor Superfund group about the use of Stratus Consulting on that project that introduced a new concept of Restoration Credits. These Restoration Credits are said to be like ecological “shares” in a restoration project.

Last week, the EPA announced a $7 billion ‘Solar For All’ grant competition for low income families. Which like the newest money-making venture that began after Energy Secretary Steven Chu had released the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines in 2009. The EPA:Lead By Example guidelines was produced by Stratus Consulting, that directed bureaucrats to estimate “deemed” electrical-saving of 25% to 50% higher for EPA’s premium-priced ENERGY STAR “certified” products, than than similar devices.

The GHG emission reductions from the EPA’s magical electrical energy-saving, can only be acquired from an authorized government-approved dealer. It’s unclear if the Stratus Building Solutions (SBS) franchise, which was sued for janitorial services is an authorized dealer. But the Stratus Hub is a Salesforce “certified” developer and consulting group, that is also associated with the Council for Inclusive Capitalism.

Most of these groups are practically kissing cousins of Earth First!, the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, and the EarthJustice group that claims the Earth needed a good lawyer. Which are also

aligned with non-profit organizations like the Northwest Development Cooperative Center, that part of a National Cooperative Business Alliance that advertises itself as an international agency working with other taxpayer-funded co-op’s that pretend to be “businesses without bosses”.

None the lawyers, or CEO’s of these taxpayer-funded co-op’s can explain how their services provide any benefit for Mother Earth. They merely need to believe that groups like the The Greenlining Institute founded in 1993, have directed more than $800 billion in corporate and public investments into communities of color in California and across the nation. Then apply for a Virtue Signaling award, that proves their commitment to communities of color seeking to get some “certified” green stuff imprinted with “In God We Trust” for members of the New World Order.