The Greenberg Brief: Change SFGOP’s Leadership, Now 


A few months ago, I wrote about the need for San Francisco’s registered Republicans to take SFGOP party leadership elections seriously. So here we are, the county party committee elections are upon us now.

Each presidential year, the party leadership is elected by voters, timed with California’s primaries. This March 5th, just a few weeks from now, Democrats and Republicans will choose their respective local leaders. For the San Francisco Republicans, the SFGOP, two dozen party representatives’ seats are up for grabs. Several of them are incumbents; many candidates are newcomers with unfamiliar names. This is because our local party is insignificant and functions more like a social club than a group tasked with representing the nearly 37,000 registered Republicans. Yes, we number a significant percentage of San Francisco’s voters. Changing the course for the party, adding meaningful marketing, strength and influence of the SFGOP means making it more relevant, accomplished only by truly good party leaders.

Nothing says more about the very weak and sidelined status of our SFGOP than the failed leadership of chairman John Dennis. A five-time “candidate” who over the years has run for Congress against Nancy Pelosi, Dennis has consistently placed his own needs and focus as the opposition to Speaker Emerita over SFGOP matters, every two years. It’s no secret that Dennis has used his status as local Republican Party chairman in attempts to validate his campaign and increase donations.