Ohio Sheriff Predicts Imminent Attack

by Milt Harris at canadafreepress.com

Ever since 9-11 many of us have had the thought of another large-scale terror attack taking place somewhere is the country. It isn’t a fear, just a thought in the back of our minds that it could happen, and let’s be honest, with the way our country is being run now, the odds have increased.

Recently, Ohio’s Butler County Sheriff, Richard Jones, has voiced concerns over that very possibility. In fact, according to Jones “It’s not if they are going to attack, it’s just when they are.”

Terrorists are bringing an increased level of sophistication to their attacks

According to Journal-News, between February 3-6 Jones attended the National Sheriff’s Association Conference in Washington, D.C. At the conference, FBI officials warned sheriffs across the country about imminent terror attacks on the nation.

Hearing this, Jones returned home determined to get his department prepared. He related that, “There are people already here who have come to this country who hate us and want to kill us.” The sheriffs were educated on the fact cyberattacks could be used to cripple power grids causing train derailments and other disasters. Cells of terrorists could even target multiple areas of the country. They were also updated on the reality that terrorists are bringing an increased level of sophistication to their attacks.

Jones stated that the sheriff’s office is “getting five cyber hack attempts a day by the Chinese, three times a day by the Iranians, and we got hacked two years ago by the Russians, And that is not just us. I assume they are doing that all over the country.”