Is The Transition Integrity Project ‘Gaming’ The 2024 Elections For A Mythical Region Of Cascadia?


by Conor Coughlin at

Americans recently learned of a partisan group known as the Transition Integrity Project (TIP) that had been formed in 2019, and sought to use mind-games to disrupt save the 2020 Presidential election from Trumpism. Included in Team Biden’s delusional efforts to game the electoral system, was a plan to encourage the mythical region of “Cascadia” to secede from the Union if President Trump insisted that he had won the election based on ballot results from the day of the election. The reason that crazy TIP plan had to be kept secret, was because the Cascadia myth exists only in the wrapped minds of supporters of the International Socialism.

The very real public officials claiming to believe in that non-existent kingdom, have been enriching themselves for decades from the ENERGY STAR® program created by George H. W. Bush back during the 1992 election cycle. All had become wealthy, from another delusional myth that EPA “certified” energy-efficient products can produce government ‘deemed’ electrical savings worth hundreds of billions of dollars. No one in the U.S. government can explain how the magic works, what technology causes the efficiency to occur, or can produce any type of mathematical formula to verify how much electricity was actually saved. The Ministry of Propaganda didn’t care, because those imaginary energy-savings have been paying their salaries for many decades.

When Texas billionaire Ross Perot ran as an American Independent in 1992, he forcefully denounced Bush’s plan for a New World Order as a serious threat to our sovereignty. Perot was unaware that the former CIA director had the ENERGY STAR program set-up as a Public/Private partnership, but he definitely knew that Bush was pushing Voodoo Economics when he signed the USA onto the UN’s Agenda 21 Development Plan without the approval of Congress. It didn’t take a genius to conclude that the UN, and shadowy groups like the Club of Rome were not working on the behalf of the American people.

Perot was not the type of businessman that could have ever bought into Klaus Schwab’s screwy Davos Manifesto, or would have trusted a Socialist university professor to devise a governance model for harmonizing the divergent interests of stakeholders. Perot was a leading advocate for reforming education in America, who was not advocating for the Timothy Leary version of enlightenment sweeping through the campuses of High Education. That contrast between Perot’s principled political positions, and those of the old campus radicals is the basis for every issue in the 2024 Presidential election.

Much like a reverse version of the Teapot Dome scandal from the 1920’s, the continued manipulation of oil, science and national security policy is now the central theme of all modern politics. Just not in the way presented by Fake News outlets, that is provided in a manner designed to mislead the public’s understanding on almost every issue. Then employ the Politics of Personal Destruction, to silence any critical thinking not provided by the institutions of lower expectations.

We aren’t supposed to consider that the UNRWA, has for the last seventy-five years been taking care of refugees from a Palestine, a nation state that never existed. This has allowed Western bureaucrats and university professors, to rake in tens of billions of dollars to argue on behalf of a two-state solution that is based on their own moral vision of Social Justice. That agenda fully embraces the Net Zero policies of the UN, that placed Arab Oil Sheikhs in charge of their own phony annual Clown Shows.

What corporate media has suppressed, is that Bill Clinton used an executive order to mandate the exclusive use of EPA-approved products and services by every sub-division of the US government in 1993. That initiative quickly morphed into a massive ‘Pay-To-Play” scheme, open only to groups considered to be globalist stakeholders, or the select NGO’s allowed be business partners in the Dept of Energy’s various schemes. We are not allowed to know who are those Public/Private partners in the ENERGY STAR® program, but we do know the DOJ has granted a pass for corrupt government-owned cooperatives like the Northwest Development Cooperative Center.

The U.S. government then began marketing ENERGY STAR® products as an investment opportunity, and claiming that retail customers could make big-bucks from buying EPA’s premium-priced ‘certified’ energy-efficient products. Just like the big-business groups aligned with the shadowy Energy Foundation, utilizing Junk Science reports conducted for the Dept of Energy. During the mid 1990’s, states like Texas and California were passing retail electrical deregulation initiatives, that politicians claimed would keep electric rates down for customers through the use of honest competition.

Except that the Dept of Energy allows no competition against their brand, because they believed “If its not ENERGY STAR, its nor energy efficient”. It was that type of defective thinking, that allowed corrupt bureaucrats to work both sides of every energy issue. Which allowed bureaucrats to erect barriers to innovation, by claiming that disruptive new technologies did not meet their Social Justice standards of acceptability. The EPA could then count on the DOE to provide their Settled Science, and trust that the DOJ, FBI or CIA could stifle any questioning of their cutting-edge science.

That so-called science was later utilized by the Prosperity Partnership of the Puget Sound, and their Regional Economic Agenda to export ‘clean energy’ technologies out of Washington State. WA Gov. Gary Locke created his Prosperity Partnership after voters went to the polls in 2004, and six months before a court judge had determined that Democrats had located enough missing ballots to anoint the former AG Christine Gregoire as the new governor in June of 2005. Making Gregoire the defacto leader of the Prosperity Partnership, which delusional globalist now refer to as located in the mythical realm of Cascadia.

The same EPA, allowed John Beale to pretend to be a science expert, allowing him to play the part of a CIA covert operative while setting the standard for government duplicity. In 2009, when Obama’s Secretary of Energy Steven Chu released the EPA: Lead By Example guidelines, the media made no effort to disclose that public officials were being directed to ‘estimate’ that ENERGY STAR® products now officially saved 25% to 50% more electricity than similar product. An easily provable Lie!

The 316-page EPA: Lead By Example guidelines had been produced by Stratus Consulting, a key player in a notorious oil company shake-down scheme conducted down in Ecuador. In which Chevron brought a civil RICO case against the corrupt lawyers in that legal action, and also warned the Portland Harbor Trustee Council about using Stratus Consulting on another massive EPA Superfund cleanup project. The EPA has always been a troubled agency, and their Superfund projects are part of the reason for their multiple problems.

Chevron lawyers did an excellent job of exposing how openly, and utterly corrupt these radical environmental groups had become over the past several decades. While nobody will dispute that Chevron is in the oil business, they made it abundantly clear that the corporate environmental community is totally invested in the lying business. To fully understand how freaking crazy these radical environmental lawyers have become, they actually succeeded making Big Oil appear to be the far more responsible corporate entity on the world stage.

The industrial pollution in that Columbia River project had been studied since the 1920’s, and the EPA had developed its initial community involvement plan back in 2002. EPA Director Gina McCarthy waited until January 3, 2017, to announce the start for this new Portland Harbor Superfund clean-up project. In 2021, the EPA announced that 100% of the project site was now in the active engineering phase. Indicating that no substantial work had occurred in the previous four years.

By November of 2023, the EPA announced it had reached a $33 million settlement agreement for the responsible parties in the Harbor Superfund clean-up. Which introduced a new concept of Restoration credits, that are said to be like ecological “shares” in a restoration project. Don’t bother asking how the EPA crafted the formula for that scheme, its none of your business.

This new EPA Portland Harbor Superfund project is worth well over a $1 billion, and its 3,012-page report included a list of the main groups that the EPA had engaged with for this site clean-up. That included a diverse group of activist, like the Slavic Immigration Association, Occupy St. Johns, Coalition of Black Men, Verde, Right 2 Survive, Latino Network, Sierra Club Portland, Oregon Environmental Justice Task Force, Right 2 Dream Too, and other Portland neighborhood associations and schools. Presumably members these activist groups, were not involved with felonious assaults on the Hatfield Federal Courthouse in Portland during July of 2020.

It should be kept in mind, the Portland Harbor Superfund Clean-up is down river from the EPA’s Superfund clean-up at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation that began in 1989. That clean-up from that massive government-created ecological disaster, is the largest EPA Superfund project in history. After twenty-five years its difficult to determine if the project is complete, or if it will ever be completed regardless of how money the US government throws at bureaucrats. The answer appears to depend entirely on which government expert, is telling their version of reality on any given day. Because either claim could be plausible, you get to select the story that sounds the most reasonable.

That brings me back to the narrative that was spun by the TIP, and the plausibility of Cascadia ever seceding from the United States of America. When partisan hacks like Hillary Clinton, Jennifer Granholm, and John Podesta are running scenarios for protecting democracy if the election goes off the rails, it may be time to implement drug-testing of politicians. Corporate media pundits may not be the only ones consuming professor Leary’s product line, and forgetting what they believed in the past.

Its become convenient for politicians, and bureaucrats to forget that they were employees of the government working with the Obama regime years ago. Knowing they were the DOE’s cronies that were identified in a Senate report from 2014, that assisted the EPA’s Billionaires Club in looting city, county and state budgets under the guise fighting Climate Change. On mythical battlefields, with imaginary weapons invented by government lawyers.

Which are also among the same organizations and groups winning the annual Energy Star National Awards, for their energy efficiency work. As if those efforts weren’t part of their normal duties as highly-paid employees, that had somehow forgotten they had been hired to work for the U.S. government.