Donald Trump at NRA: Re-Electing Biden ‘Means 4 More Years of Anti-Gun Communists Running the ATF’


Donald J. Trump spoke at the NRA’s Great American Outdoor show Friday night, saying, “Your Second Amendment will always be safe with me as President.”

He said it was great to be back with the “hard working, God fearing, patriots of the NRA.”

Trump mentioned primaries and caucuses he has won to date, and made clear his conviction that he will win the upcoming South Carolina primary.

He then talked of how he warned the American people that Joe Biden would bring America into a perilous situation, should he be elected.

Trump then added, “The only thing I didn’t know: I didn’t know how bad it would be.”

He said now people are saying, “Trump was right about everything” and I was right about Joe Biden.

Trump went on to outline how harmful Biden’s policies have been to Americans, particularly to black Americans and other minorities.

He said, “If you care about your country, if you care about your children, then this November you have to fire crooked Joe Biden.”

Trump transitioned to the Second Amendment, noting that Biden’s policies have been corruptive there as well. He warned: