HOT TAKES: Biden’s White House Address Was an Unmitigated Disaster

by Jennifer Van Laar at

As is obvious to everyone who watched it, President Joe Biden’s impromptu address to the nation Thursday night was an unmitigated disaster. He was late (as usual), immediately lied about what Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report found, exhibited memory issues, indignantly responded to press questions, looked like a deer in headlights when the cacophony of press questions got a little loud, and confused Egypt and Mexico when answering a question about Gaza.

The only people disagreeing with this so far is CNN’s Van Jones, who told Anderson Cooper that “This was not Joe Biden at his best” before pivoting to rant about Donald Trump, and any potential Democrat challengers.

While all of us would have known ahead of time that this address – or at least the way it was handled, with Biden taking questions – would be a disaster, it seems that Biden’s staff was feeling pretty good about this tactic.

Pyotr Kurzin, a specialist for Amnesty International, said:

Biden’s obvious cognitive deficiencies have concerned many of us for a long time, but to have it documented by a Special Counsel report had to have been even more unnerving for those in the military or intelligence community, whose lives are at heightened risk due to this, and for veterans. USAF veteran Patrick Fox said: