EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Paul Gosar Sends Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Letter Demanding Answers on Airstrike in Jordan that Killed Three Soldiers and Wounded Dozens

by Jordan Conradson at thegatewaypundit.com

Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) on Thursday sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin demanding answers about “the Department of Defense’s (DOD) presence in the Middle East,” including the number of U.S. military facilities in Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen, the purpose and legality of these facilities, and the number of U.S. service members stationed in these countries.

This follows an airstrike at Tower 22 in Jordan, which killed three and injured dozens of National Guardsmen.

Gosar, in a recent newsletter, also criticizes the Biden Regime for unconstitutionally occupying these countries and using service members “as bait,” adding, “Congress has not authorized this base, called Tower 22.” Gosar continues, “Our own border is wide open.  Yet Biden has stationed 3,000 troops to lure attacks along the Syrian border.”

Gosar notes that “Most of the injured are members of the Is Battalion, 158th Infantry Regiment, or “Bushmasters,” of the Arizona National Guard, including Guardsmen from Phoenix, Tucson, Florence, Prescott, and Buckeye,” and “Due to the severity of their injuries, three of these Arizonan Guardsmen had to be medically evacuated for critical treatment.”