Reflecting on the ‘Reagan Revolution’ in the Election of ‘24

by Jonus Freeman at

Last week President O’Biden aroused a wave of criticism because during a speech about abortion in Manassas, Virginia, last Tuesday, he gave a shout-out to “the real governor, Terry McAuliffe.” The RNC and other Republicans took the opportunity to call the POTUS out for being an “election denier” after implying that McAuliffe was actually the winner of the Virginia gubernatorial election in 2021. However, it may be that the Republicans see the intended joke as a simple opportunity for sniping at O’Biden. But, in a broader scope, it is reflective of leaders of either of the two major political parties being overly anxious to score points with the public at whatever the cost. 

All joking aside, O’Biden, a “Catholic-in-name-only,” is a walking, talking contradiction in human form

The speech O’Biden gave was on abortion, which was not as humorous as he discussed what the Democrats are pushing as encapsulated in their catch phrase for the justification for killing babies as “reproductive freedom.” It may make some shred of sense to those who have no conscience, nor any genuine concern for life itself. All joking aside, O’Biden, a “Catholic-in-name-only,” is a walking, talking contradiction in human form. But, in his speech on abortion, his true colors came bleeding through. With President’s Day on the horizon, many Americans should take time to weigh O’Biden in comparison to other presidents as the birthdays of three occur in February. The ones most remembered are Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. However, not to be diminished; it is important to remember that February 6 was the birthday of another great president, Ronald Reagan.