‘None of These Candidates’ Beats Nikki Haley in Nevada Primary

by Mary Chastain at legalinsurrection.com

Trump responded: “A bad night for Nikki Haley. Losing by almost 30 points in Nevada to ‘None of These Candidates.’ Watch, she’ll soon claim Victory!”

The Nevada primary is weird. It has a caucus and a primary. The primary happened yesterday without former President Donald Trump on the ballot.

The state runs the primary. The Nevada GOP runs the caucus. The Nevada GOP decided those who ran in the state primary could not participate in the caucus.

Trump, not Haley, will appear on the caucus ballot that happens on Thursday.

Anyway, you could say that Trump beat Haley in the primary because voters chose the “none of these candidates” option.

Yes. Haley lost to no one in Nevada.