NY Times Shocks The World, Publishes Piece Critical Of “Transgender” Medical Mutilation Of Children

by Fuzzy Slippers at legalinsurrection.com

I saw this story about the New York Times publishing a piece about de-transitioning and actually making a solid, thoughtful, logical argument against not lopping off little kids’ healthy body parts or chemically castrating/sterilizing teens in the name of “transgender medical care” and was flummoxed. What is this weird flex into actually reporting and opining on—against—the Democrats’ latest America- and soul-destroying “movement”?

So I waited, fully expecting a cabal of NY Times staffers to pitch a Tom Cotton-level fit, but it didn’t happen. Or at least it hasn’t happened as of this writing.

The NY Times piece entitled, “As Kids, They Thought They Were Trans. They No Longer Do,” makes some startling admissions. No, nothing we don’t already know, but it’s certainly information that their most loyal readers didn’t know because they have been well-drenched in Democrat lies about how important it is to lop off children’s and teens’ breast and penises in the name of “affirming” their “true gender identity.” Thus, the startling.