CNN’s Van Jones Says Young Voters Calling Biden ‘Genocide Joe’ is a ‘Big Problem for Him’ (VIDEO)


by Mike LaChance at

Former Obama adviser and CNN contributor Van Jones recently commented that young voters calling Joe Biden ‘Genocide Joe’ is a big problem facing his reelection.

Jones is referring to the young leftists who are staging insane pro-Hamas protests in New York City and on college campuses. At some point in recent years, it became progressive orthodoxy to despise Israel.

All of this puts Biden in an almost impossible position, as most Americans support Israel, but the far left base of the Democrat party wants Biden to side with Hamas.

Van Jones isn’t often right, but he is correct on this point. This is a problem for Biden.

Ex-Obama adviser says Biden faces ‘big problem’ as young voters call him ‘Genocide Joe’ amid Gaza war

Former Obama official Van Jones warned on Thursday that Biden has his “work cut out for him” trying to regain the trust of young, Arab and Muslim voters who object to his support of Israel amid the war in Gaza…

Thursday night’s episode of CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront focused heavily on Biden’s attempts to regain the trust of Arab American voters by visiting Michigan in person. It featured students who would be voting for the first time as well as a former field organizer for the Biden campaign who said he will not vote for the president again, viewing him as complicit in Palestinian deaths…

Burnett turned to Jones and asked about the former campaign staffer that had turned on Biden over his foreign policy in Gaza. Burnett recalled how he had told their CNN reporter in Michigan “that he will not vote for Biden again even knowing that it may help Trump. He says Biden is ‘not somebody I can trust.’ How big of a problem is this for Biden right now, Van?”

“It’s a big problem for him right now,” Jones replied. “There are four syllables that are aimed at him. ‘Genocide Joe.’ That is becoming something you’re hearing from the younger people, the younger voters in the Arab American community.”