Black History Month Product Pulled from Shelves After Massive Error Goes Viral

by Jack Davis at

If the producers of a Black History Month item knew as much as a Nevada history teacher, the item would not have been pulled from the shelves at Target.

The kit mislabeled three prominent figures in black history and made it all the way to store shelves before Tierra Espy blew the whistle.

Espy used a video posted to TikTok, to call out the flaws in the “Civil Rights Magnetic Learning Activity” kit. The video has more than 97,000 likes.

Espy, who uses the handle @issatete on TikTok, said that when she opened the kit, she found flaws in magnets that were supposed to be of sociologist and historian W.E.B. Du Bois; educator Booker T. Washington; and historian Carter G. Woodson.

Woodson’s magnet showed an image of Du Bois. DuBois was mislabeled as Washington, and Washington was incorrectly named Woodson.

” I don’t know who’s in charge of Target, but these need to be pulled off the shelves, like, immediately,” her video said.

“Idk who needs to correct it but it needs to be pulled off the shelves nontheless. Any person could have missed the mistake but it just takes one person to point it out and ask for corrections,” she posted on TikTok.

“As soon as I saw the mistake I’m like, ‘Oh no, I can’t put this up,’” she said, according to CNN.

“They’re expecting us not to notice the mistakes, and it’s heartbreaking as somebody who knows the mistakes and has seen it,” she said.

“I was not going to let that slide for my 200 students and I was not going to let that slide for my two babies who I am responsible (for) teaching,” she said in a follow-up video posted Thursday.