Why Our Country is a Mess

y Ray DiLorenzo at canadafreepress.com

Yes, our country is a mess. How did we get here? Was it incompetence or intentional?

Eight years of Obama and almost four years of Biden have been devastating to our country. The Democrat Party and their Republican toadies, aka RINOS, have taken our country down a road we have never seen before. And because the experience of these last several years has been an obvious premeditated destruction of America, it has taken many of us too long to recognize it. And still, we have millions of people who are yet to understand that the ship of state is taking on serious water.

Obama spent much of his presidency banging a square peg into a round hole.

To Obama, who represents the intentional, America was racist to its very core, but he was unwilling to admit that Africa was just as racist and tribal as America. After all, Africa in the 18th century had sellers and buyers just like any other slave state. Africa still has tribal wars, Islam ruthlessly killing anyone who goes to the wrong church. Obama’s plan to fight this racism was to introduce his own racism. His plan was to dismantle the ‘colonial’ power his ‘African socialist’ father hated. African socialism was just a coin phrase to attempt a separation from Soviet-style socialism, of which there was none.