Popular HBO Series ‘The White Lotus’ Drops Miloš Biković After Ukrainian Govt Complained About His Political Views


by MARIANE ANGELA at dailycaller.com

HBO has officially announced that they’re dropping Serbian actor Miloš Biković from the cast of “The White Lotus” Season 3, Variety reported.

The decision came following a public outcry initiated by Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ministry accused Biković of supporting Russia amidst its ongoing conflict with Ukraine, sparking a controversy that led to HBO’s decision. “We have decided to part ways with Miloš Biković and the role will be recast,” HBO said in a statement, per Variety.

In response to his dismissal from “The White Lotus,” Biković issued a statement expressing his concern over the situation’s impact on artistic freedom.

“Today, a targeted campaign has been unleashed against me, seemingly as an external maneuver to influence decisions that can create a disturbing precedent shadowing the essence of artistic freedom,” the actor said in a statement, per Variety. “The result of such a narrative is the triumph of absurdity and the defeat of art.”