Wyoming family targeted by fired library director’s lawsuit answers with powerful motion to dismiss.

via massresistance.org

The family in Campbell County, Wyoming being targeted by the fired library director’s federal lawsuit is not intimidated. The have responded with a strong Motion to Dismiss that debunks everything the lawsuit charges them with.

Outrageous lawsuit against local family

Former Campbell County Library Director Terri Lesley was fired by the Library Board this past July for refusing to follow the Board’s new policy regarding obscene books. In a bizarre and outrageous move, on September 27, Lesley filed a federal lawsuit against local citizens Hugh and Susan Bennett and their adult son Kevin.

The Bennetts did what people around the country are doing. They spoke up at public meetings about the sexually graphic books in their public library. Hugh wrote about the problem in a paper he publishes. And they asked the county prosecutor to decide whether the state obscenity laws are being violated.

Even though the Library Board – not the Bennetts – fired her, Lesley chose to harass that family. Her absurd list of alleged offenses includes violating the so-called Ku Klux Klan Act, unlawful and unconstitutional conduct, civil conspiracy, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and “abuse of process” claims.

The lawsuit is clearly meant not only to punish the Bennetts, but to terrorize other parents into silence. Lesley is being represented by a far-left Colorado-based “attack” lawyer who worked with the LGBT organization Wyoming Equality to get a federal judge to strike down Wyoming’s gay marriage ban. The lawyer has said, “I like to go back there [to Wyoming] and just mess with the state as much as I can.”