MASSIVE STORY INCOMING: James O’Keefe afraid he will be killed, penned this letter… WOW


People familiar with the story coming out tomorrow keep texting me, asking me about fear. I’ve taken the time to write a careful response. At 39, I’ve lived a good life. Whether it’s complete or not is not up to me. What happens next, I don’t know. If there’s more to come here, so be it. I’ve learned the pursuit of truth requires extreme risk while operating without a safety net. I’ve experienced so much. I’ve lived ten lives compressed into a fraction of one. That’s all that a man can hope for. Meteoric highs, extreme lows, and near-death experiences, Jail and jury trials, travels to every state dozens of times, adventures, travails, failures, betrayals, and loves lost and gained, repeated valleys, moving and climbing mountains, enduring multiple rebirths and renewals.  What I learned is written in three books, particularly American Muckraker, and filmed masterclasses, released and unreleased.