MSNBC Interview with Gov. Gavin Newsom: A Legend in his Own Mind

by Katy Grimes at

“Alex Wagner Tonight” of MSNBC interviewed California Gov. Gavin Newsom Thursday. The smartest guy in the room dished up some overwrought hyperbole to her canned softball questions. The interview was impotent, and the governor unremarkable and indistinct.

But read on for the details.

NBC’s questions are in bold. The Globe response is in italicized red.

WAGNER: Gov. Gavin Newsom on former President Trump: “He is weakness masquerading as strength.”

NEWSOM: “He is weakness masquerading as strength, Donald Trump in a general. In a primary, I’ve said it, he’s a T-Rex. He’ll devour you or you mate with him. He can’t be beaten in a primary, but in a general election, I think he’s the most flawed candidate in my lifetime. He is damaged goods. He is not as entertaining as he once was. He’s more unhinged than he ever was. More extreme, obviously more dangerous across the spectrum of issues.”

Newsom said, Trump’s “the most flawed candidate in my lifetime.” Just a little overstated? I can think of a few other “most flawed” candidates: Hillary Clinton for one. John Kerry also stands out. Their flaws are innumerable. 

“He’s more unhinged than he ever was. More extreme, obviously more dangerous across the spectrum of issues,” Newsom said of Trump. Now that’s just melodramatic and fabricated.

“Unhinged,” “extreme,” “dangerous” for wanting to bring the country energy independence, close the border and end the current Biden Administration’s invasion of the country, rebuild the military, cut taxes and regulations again… yeah, that’s “unhinged.”

“Unhinged” is a governor who locked down 40 million Californians for three years.

“Unhinged” is the governor who has chased over 1 million Californians out of the state to other states because of his far leftist policies, highest-in-the-nation taxes and gas prices, anti-business regulations, failing public schools, 1/3 of the nation’s welfare recipients, the most homeless drug addicts living on California streets… need more evidence?

WAGNER: “You’re the governor of a large state. Do you think these Republican governors who oversaw these [abortion] bans either didn’t care or didn’t understand what they were?”

NEWSOM: “I don’t think they care, it’s disgraceful, it’s sick. Here’s the problem with the Republican party, they always get in trouble when they actually get what they want. These six-week bans, before you even know you’re pregnant, before you can even get a doctor’s appointment, criminalizing young kids that were raped for trying to travel so that they can have a life, and the freedom to decide for themselves. Versus guys like Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham that we have to go through and ask permission… That’s how extreme they are.”