Tsinghua University’s ‘star’ twin scientists return to China from the US, Canada


by Ling Xin at scmp.com

  • The sisters, whose study schedule turned them into social media stars, are teaching at major universities after completing their postdoctoral research
  • Ma Donghan and Ma Dongxin each made important contributions in their respective fields while in North America
The return to China of Tsinghua University’s “star” twin scientists at the end of their postdoctoral research in North America was celebrated on Chinese social media after it was announced last week on the alma mater’s website.

The sisters Ma Donghan and Ma Dongxin, who were born in Dalian in 1989, were top students at Tsinghua when they shot to fame after their study schedule was published online. Commenters were amazed at their daily 6am-1am routine.