Harvard Teaching Hospital Retracts Papers Following Probe into Data Falsification Claims

by Leslie Eastman at legalinsurrection.com

We are asked to trust The Science™ time and time again by our media, bureaucrats, and political leaders.

However, as I have often noted at Legal Insurrection, our scientific institutions have had an alarming ideological capture. Therefore, it is hard for scientists to publish or find funding unless their research supports the current narratives.

More troubling, a significant issue reveals itself about what is getting published. For example, following a probe into data falsification, a Harvard University-affiliated teaching hospital plans to retract or correct dozens of papers authored by four top researchers.

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston has already initiated six retractions to papers and 31 others are in the process of being corrected, the hospital’s research integrity officer, Dr. Barrett Rollins, confirmed to the Harvard Crimson.

The corrections follow claims of data falsification leveled against the cancer institute’s CEO, Dr. Laurie Glimcher, chief operating officer Dr. William Hahn, director of the Clinical Investigator Research Program Dr. Irene Ghobrial and Jerome Lipper Multiple Myeloma Center program director Dr. Kenneth Anderson.

The latest accusations come just weeks after Harvard University president Claudine Gay resigned from her top post after she was embroiled in her own plagiarism scandal.

All four of the Dana-Farber researchers have faculty appointments with the Harvard Medical School.

News of the probe surfaced after a data sleuth, Sholto David, published a blog post earlier this month alleging irregularities in a total of 57 papers.

The whistleblower, Sholto David, suggested Adobe Photoshop was used to copy and paste images in some of the papers. Rollins (the aforementioned hospital research integrity officer) stressed that the issues uncovered do not necessarily amount to misconduct.