Dems letting migrants fly without ID are playing Russian roulette with our safety

by Betsy McCaughey at

If you’re rushing to the airport and forget your photo ID, good luck being allowed on the plane.

But many migrants without “an acceptable form of identification,” according to airport signs, don’t need a photo.

They get special treatment.

Migrants who have entered the country using President Biden’s new CBP (Customs and Border Protection) One app — at least 422,000 — can fly domestically without photo ID. 

A sign posted in Miami International Airport tells migrants, “1. Notify the TSA officer that you are a migrant. 2. The TSA officer will take a photo (optional). 3. If requested, provide your alien identification number or biographic information.”

Taking a photo would allow the Transportation Security Administration officer to confirm the person boarding matches the person pictured in the CBP app.

But the airport sign repeats, “Photo capture is voluntary.”

The migrant trying to board could be anybody.

Americans without photo ID will likely be grilled for more than an hour and patted down, and TSA will go over their luggage inch by inch while their plane takes off without them.