Is The Ancient Eco-Establishment Responsible For The Current Obsession With Gun Control?

Conor Coughlin via

Modern Eco-Warriors on university campuses were never taught that the first Earth Day teach-ins were funded by big oil interest, by “channelling money” to the protesters of the Vietnam war. The New York Times had predicted that ecology “will replace Vietnam as the major issue with students”, but never informed Americans that groups like the Students for a Democratic Society had been placed in charge of the social revolution envisioned by corporate media. When Time Magazine explained why the ‘violence was inevitable’ at the Democratic National Convention in 1968, it included the typical sympathetic portrayal of eight radicals that had been charged with conspiracy and crossing state lines to incite a riot. It was as if the violent agitators were the real victims, and the removal of the political establishment was the only practical solution to the problem they faced.

Nobody in the media ever bothered to ask why the violent Cultural Marxist, would target fellow liberals with their intense rage. In order to push a peace agenda. Did anyone actually believe these radicals were representing the working class, when most lacked the skill-sets to even hold a regular job?

Over fifty years later, Time posted The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election. Once again, Time chose to overlook the most obvious aspect of the current conspiracy, which was an effort to manipulate the outcome of an election. Just as several decades earlier, it was presented as an inside story about a group effort to save democracy from the influence of big money interest. By the 2020 election, Time was declaring “They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.”.

The Time article contained nothing at all about the primary campaign of Michael Bloomberg, the gun-control advocate that President Trump had said he “could have told [Bloomberg] long ago that he didn’t have what it takes, and he would have saved himself a billion dollars.”.

Bloomberg’s billion dollars went on to buy a whole lot of love from the liberal media, who all began expressing their deep hatred toward the anti-Establishment candidate that opposed draconian gun-control laws. Bloomberg runs a multi-billion dollar media empire, that somehow missed the single largest flaw in the latest Time magazine conspiracy story. Which was described as follows; It’s like when Wile E. Coyote runs off the cliff-if you don’t look down, you don’t fall. Our democracy only survives if we believe and don’t look down.Yeah, right!

That’s about as logical as believing that Jane Fonda went to Vietnam in 1972, for a photo-shoot on behalf of the ACME parachute company. The media can pretend that questioning such a cartoonish narrative is politically incorrect, then imply that its anti-Capitalistic to suggest a struggling artist shouldn’t have the right to make an honest buck in foreign marketplaces. Should it really matter if Wile E. Coyote, or the ACME parachute company don’t actually exist in the real world?

Except, Bloomberg and his billionaire buddy’s had been claiming to be astute businessmen, not a bunch of cartoon characters. These were the savvy entrepreneurs, that had invested heavily in a new clean energy economy. They were also the uber-rich gun-grabbers, that had received tremendous support from groups like the Climate Mayors initiative. Those mayors were all claiming to be part of a noble cause, so the misuse of public funds utilized for green-washing scams operated by the EPA, or UN business-driven enterprises couldn’t be considered as illegal. It was for the Children!

That double-standards in law enforcement has been the official government position for many decades, and it definitely didn’t begin with initiatives like the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, Which had grown out of the completely failed US Mayors Climate Protection Initiative, that had earned Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels a EPA award in 2006. That fiasco had over a thousand cities, which had joined in that massive green-washing scheme. Not one single city had managed to achieve its emission reduction goals. As other government-owned groups like Seattle’s Prosperity Partnership, were building partisan organizations through the use of Regional Economic Agenda’s tied to the UN.

Even the most dim-witted pundits, and politician would’ve had a hard time overlooking groups like the Ruckus Society, with its idiotic new maxim Pick a fight. Break the rule. Build the New. Change the game with The Ruckus Action Network. It was that type of thinking that had the virtuous Climate Mayors, acting as advocates for the De-fund the Police movement. While simultaneously pushing EPA policies, that used Diversity, Equality and Inclusion tactics to erect barriers to political outsiders.

When former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that he was seeking to become for the 2020 presidential nomination for the Democratic party, he had to have been aware that New York City was part of the non-binding U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. Bloomberg Philanthropies had been pushing the EPA’s unsustainable infrastructure spending plans, as Michael Bloomberg was a leading advocate for partnerships with the National League of Cities, and the US Conference of Mayors. America’s premier gun-grabber, was also a fan of the C-40 Cities organization. Another international group representing left-leaning mayors, that claims they’ve been part of the environmental justice movement for 15 years.

Most of these non-profit organization had long-established ties with the anti-war movement, and their violent Eco-Establishment. These green groups have been raised on a diet of pure hate-mongering, that called for the destruction of Capitalism. Many were devotees of Rocky Mountain Institute, that has been providing guidance to the Dept of Energy’s delusional directors for many years. Which under the Obama/Biden regime had produced the most retarded, backward thinking natural-gas policies in our nations history. Policies that were clearly designed to benefit our largest foreign trade allies, and to undermine America’s industrial sector.

Which is to say, the US energy-policies aligned with the business model presented to the UN General Assembly in 1974, when Yasser Arafat was allowed to give his famous gun and olive branch’ speech. This armed freedom fighter claimed to represent the non-existent state of Palestine, before providing his terms and conditions for a peaceful co-existence with Israel. OPEC nations had just ended their Oil Embargo on the USA, and we now had this UN dignitary warning Americans about what would happen if he was forced to drop his olive branch.

That may have sounded perfectly normal for Klaus Schwab, the young German economics professor who had crafted his own crazy Manifesto back in 1970. This Socialist educator apparently had no understanding of American Capitalism, but really believed he could fix the problem of free markets. In Schwab’s mind the world just needed a more virtuous capitalist system, controlled by a One World Government police state.

His vision for a Fourth Industrial Revolution, was built around a stakeholder governance model. That business model resembled the same ideology as his goose-stepping NAZI forefathers. Which in 1939, had paraded their unique brand of extremism at Madison Square Garden before a crowd of progressive followers. Who were not considered to be extremist, or rabid gun-grabbers in that period of time.

We know this is true, from the Gonzo journalism of the late 1960’s. Where various groups of radicals would play the part of Marxist intellectuals, in order to bad-mouth other less educated radicals on how Socialism works for the poor and downtrodden. One such group had produced the Ramparts magazine, as a “showcase for the creative writer and as a forum for the mature American Catholic”. This magazine was closely associated with the radical New Left political movement, which must have considered mature Catholics as fellow travelers seeking to reject the traditional family values, social order and gender roles of other Catholics.

That highfalutin rag went bankrupt around the time of the Democratic National Convention in 1968, which apparently had to do with running a $500,000 operating deficit for a couples years. The Rampart didn’t die from poor stakeholder governance, its decline was directly related to a flaw with its sole product; Communist Propaganda. Once again, the radicals acted as if they were the victims. They didn’t think it was fair that the greedy establishment expected them to pay their rent, or care about stiffing small businesses that had provided the products used to push their revolutionary ideas.

That opened the door for next great political leader of the lunatic left; Saul Alinsky. The wolf in sheep’s clothing, who specifically targeted the Catholic Church to transform America away from its Judeo/Christian culture. His goals outlined in Rules for Radicals, was to break down the moral fabric of the family. Alinsky-trained radicals have relied on the corruption of law, education and the media-entertainment-complex to undermine America’s social values in every way possible.

Today, we have corporate media suppressing stories on Dept of Energy programs like Creating Equity In Energy For People of Color. Which apparently was created to help DOE overcome real racial discrimination, as practiced inside their own leadership ranks. Hollywood screenwriters couldn’t have cast a less diverse group, to play the parts of rich socialites pretending to be civil rights activist for the angry-weather lobby.

These are the same type of deep thinkers involved with the UN’s annual Climate extravaganzas, that are hosted by the same Big-Oil interest in OPEC controlled nations. This is occurring as Bloomberg and his fellow news-activist, continue to suppress reports on the Berkeley California-China Climate Institute. Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ Brown is the co-founder of this enterprise, which is being run through the U C Berkeley Law offices. Corporate media refers to this initiative as a $220 million mistake. The godless Communist call it the Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute, or simply “China’s MIT”.

Moonbeam Brown is a lawyer, and a former two-term governor of California. He is also the mayor that

invited the US Marine Corps to use Oakland harbor lands for a mock military exercise as part of Operation Urban Warrior. When Mayor Brown had US troops training for inter-city war fighting, do the liberal elites in California really believe that was to increase Domestic Tranquility in the City of Oakland? Or was it to send a message from the Eco-Establishment, warning the world what would happen if we rejected the ‘olive branch’ approach to their business governance model presented fifty years ago by another respected UN dignitary?