Absentee Ballots Folding on the Bubbles Again – More Shadow Votes in Another NH Election?

by STEVE MACDONALD at granitegrok.com

If you’re unfamiliar with the Windham election debacles of 2020 (and 2022), you can search this site for the Windham election or follow this link and jump to 5 hours and 7 minutes. The Granite State has election integrity issues documented by the AG that have yet to be resolved, and one of them is alive and well for the NH Primary.

Tom Murray and Ken Eyering explain the ongoing problems, the documentation in hand, and the blatant violations of NH election law – with a state-appointed monitor observing and no one held to account. As we note in the segment, starting at about 5 hours and 7 minutes, this is going on all over the state.

Tom is in the studio; Ken is on the phone – some browsers will block this video (Facebook) and may require permission to show it on the page).

I share that, to share this. It’s 2024, and one of the problems uncovered in 2020 was shadow votes created by folded ballots where the crease ran through an oval, which the matching read as a false vote.

According to a source, this problem continues to go unaddressed. “There are 14 towns with candidate Trump on the folds on the absentee ballots! His name appears in the slot position 15.”