‘Peak Hindu Awakening’: Indian PM Modi Inaugurates Monumental Ram Temple in the Midst of Newfound Religious Fervor That Is Bothering the MSM

by Paul Serran at thegatewaypundit.com

Only in the crazy times we live in can a Hindu temple in India be something controversial.

Not many heads of state walking around planet Earth in our days give out the same feeling to be writing history daily as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

After he elevated India to a relevant geopolitical player in the BRICS group and beyond, and presided over a Space Program that took the first Indian craft to soft land on the moon, Modi now will inaugurate the new, monumental Ram temple that is being called the ‘Hindu Vatican’.

Needless to say, Modi is also a controversial figure in the west, as he has championed a Hindu revival, with Hindu religious groups portraying tomorrow’s inauguration as the ‘peak of their awakening, after centuries of subjugation by Muslim and colonial powers’.