‘Hate crime for being white at a football game’ leads to legal action

by Bob Unruh at thelibertyloft.com

A school that suspended a student for wearing eye black, as athletes do to reduce sun glare, at a school event is now being sued.

Officials with the Center for American Liberty, in conjunction with Dhillon Law Group, have brought a case against the San Diego Unified School District on behalf of J.A., a middle-school student, who was punished for wearing the eye black to a football game.

An announcement from the center charged that Muirlands Middle School Principal Jeff Luna “baselessly” accused the student of wearing “blackface” with an “intent to harm.”

“School officials shouldn’t sacrifice their students’ futures on the altar of cancel culture,” warned Harmeet Dhillon, chief of the center. “No reasonable person would believe that a middle-school kid wearing athletic eye black intended to intimidate anyone or send a racist message.

“These baseless allegations do nothing but tarnish an innocent student’s reputation and jeopardize his educational future,” he explained.