Subject: UNIDO HP GET-IT Programme for Entrepreneurship Training.    


We have been informed that various correspondence are being  circulated from the Internet web sites and via email, regular mail or  facsimile, falsely stating that this correspondence is issued by, or in  association with UNIDO and/or its officials. These scams, which may seek  to obtain money and/or in many cases personal details from the  recipients of such correspondence, are fraudulent.

Dear Sir\Madam,

We at UNIDO believe that Industrial development is the principle driver of economic growth and a primary source of wealth creation, but it needs to be sustainable and socially inclusive.  UNIDO therefore invites you/organization to partner with us in the establishment GET-IT and Skill Acquisition Center for Entrepreneurship in your province.

UNIDO is offering you / your organization an opportunity to partner with us in the establishment and implementation of this program. Selection of partners is based on a scoring system, which, inter alia, includes gender equality factor with cooperation from participating permanent representatives.

Our Approach: UNIDO is partnering with … to deliver special grant of $200,000,000.00 to boost training and job creation program targeted at generating 100,000 jobs by 2015 and reduce unemployment. We are disbursing $400,000.00 grant for the establishment of GET-IT and Skill Center in selected countries. This grant is in accordance with UNIDO’s policy of assisting nations to overcome the challenges of poverty and unemployment and an upward review of our earlier $40,000.00 ICT grant funded by … .

Our Regional Partners: For a successful implementation of this programme, we are partnering with Non-Profit Organizations in … .