China’s admin restructure ripples out to provinces to tighten Communist Party control over data

by William Zheng at

China’s provinces have started a major administrative restructure to deepen the ruling Communist Party’s control over crucial domains such as big data, finance and on-the-ground governance.

The overhaul mirrors changes at the national level completed last year.

These changes include consolidating financial regulators and setting up a science and technology commission and social work department under the party’s decision-making Central Committee.


Other changes are the creation of a national big data authority and an upgrade of the Hong Kong-Macau policy body to bring it directly under the party’s leadership.

The roll-out at the provincial level became a priority this year.

Research by the South China Morning Post indicates that all 31 provincial governments have reported back on their progress in setting up the required bodies.

While local party spokespeople did not detail their institutions’ revamp plans, establishing provincial data administrations, social work departments and financial regulation administrations are clear priorities, according to the reports.