Schiff’s Rationale for Universal Background Checks is Powerfully Dumb

by Cam Edwards at

Rep. Adam Schiff could use a new speechwriter, not to mention an intern in his comms office who can include the right link to his remarks. On Friday, the California congressman’s office blasted out a press release touting his “powerful” case for universal background checks during a meeting of the House Judiciary Committee. Embarrassingly, the link to the video of his comments that his press folks included in their release was instead a clip of his remarks from eight days ago (that had a whopping nine views as of this writing) complaining about the committee’s subpoena of Hunter Biden. The press release did manage to feature a few excerpted comments from Schiff’s anti-gun monologue, none of which are particular powerful, except maybe to folks who suffer from a clear deficiency in critical thinking.

We live in a state – live in a country where you can go into a gun store. You can be a felon. You can have a serious mental health issue that should disqualify you from obtaining a weapon. You can have a domestic violence restraining order against you, and you can seek to buy – to purchase a gun. And you can be refused.

But you can leave that gun store, you can go outside, you can buy that same weapon off the back of someone’s truck, or you can buy it online, or you can buy it at a gun fair.

It makes no sense to have a situation in this country where you can be refused because you failed the background check when you go to a store, but you can leave the store and buy the same weapon in the parking lot. That makes no sense to anyone except perhaps the NRA.