Federal Highway Administration Declares: Thou Shalt Not Smile

by Milt Harris at canadafreepress.com

We have all been stuck in traffic somewhere when a clever sign catches our eye that brings a smile to our face. In those moments, if you were frustrated by the traffic, those signs help you to decompress and take a breath. At other times when traffic isn’t an issue, just seeing a clever sign during your travels is never a bad thing. The point is that humor under any circumstances is always welcomed. Smiling is never a bad thing.

Biden administration now is coming after your ability to smile

As we all know, in way too many situations that involves any type of happiness, there is also a kill joy. In this particular case, the downer is the U.S. Federal Highway Administration. One would think that a government department as large as this one would have better things to do. However, the Biden administration now is coming after your ability to smile.

So as of 2026, federal regulators have decided that cute slogans and jokes will no longer be allowed to appear on highway signs.

The irony of this decision is mind boggling. The administration that seems to care nothing about the invasion taking place at the border, nothing about the poisoning of our children’s minds in public schools, nothing about our weakening of the military through DEI ridiculousness, and nothing about our shrinking global respect, has instead turned their attention to clever highway signs as an issue that needs to be dealt with.

This has the radical left’s fingerprints all over it. Important issues are ignored, but something as trivial as pleasant road signs are suddenly a crucial issue.

Under the new guidelines, that were spelled out in an 1,100-page report, signs cannot display messages intended to be humorous or with pop culture references, or anything that could “diminish respect for the sign”.