Should Americans Trust Any Lawyers Pretending Earth Day China Is Just Another Grassroots Green Group?

by Conor Coughlin at

The original Earth Day celebration was held in 1970, when Communist China’s vicious Cultural Revolution was in full bloom. That fact should be kept firmly in mind, especially when considering the contorted history behind the EPA, and its new premium-priced ENERGY STAR® brand. The first Earth Day celebration may have occurred in the same year that President Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency, except that Republican president was no fan of the anti-war movement that later identified as radical environmentalist. The modern Earth Day crew claims it has always been philosophically aligned with the EPA mission, but that only implies support for the ideology of William Ruckelshaus, the bureaucrat Nixon named as his first EPA Director. Who is considered by many in Washington DC, as the father of the modern green movement. When President Reagan appointed Ruckelshaus to a second term as the EPA boss, it was specifically to repair the tattered reputation of that new federal agency.

Recently former AG Bill Barr opined that Free speech does not entitle you to engage in a fraudulent conspiracy” when speaking about Donald Trump, but that same logic could have just as easily been applied to groups like the Enron Earth Day gang, Energy Foundation, and the Natural Resource Defense Council. That was same distorted thinking over-looked by the legal elites, when TIME magazine produced the The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election on February 4. 2020. Which claimed to be provide the inside story about the conspiracy to save the 2020 election. Its important to remember the role William Ruckelshaus played in the Watergate Scandal that brought down Richard Nixon, because many of those ancient activist are utilizing Yellow Journalism once again to undermine the 2024 election. Same social science, just presented by a new set of government-funded lawyers.

After the Watergate fiasco, and being appointed the Acting Director of the FBI, Ruckelshaus moved to the Seattle area to work as a senior vice-president for the Weyerhaeuser corporation. Where he worked until 1983, when the Republican President Reagan appointed him to a second term as the EPA administrator. That appointment was portrayed as an effort to restore public confidence in the EPA, over its gross mishandling of their new Superfund clean-up program. The EPA’s Superfund project provides a glaring example of the gross malfeasance practiced by bureaucrats, which has used federal and state agencies to cover-up the largest man-made ecological disasters in US history.

At that time, Washington state was dealing with the fallout from the Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS) fiasco, a corrupt Off-Budget-Enterprise by government officials to build a series of 20 nuclear power plants in the Pacific NW. WPPSS resulted in the largest bond default in US history, that burned tens of thousands of investors from a scheme to build nuclear power plants using revenues from low-cost hydroelectric power generated from federally managed dams in the Pacific NW. The WPPSS group completed only one nuclear power plant, which was built at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. That was arguably the single most polluted toxic waste site in America, prior to the start of construction. The legal actions to settle the various aspects of those massive criminal fraud cases against WA State officials and public utility districts (PUD), required a sign-off by the Dept of Justice.

Ruckelshaus was the Chairman Emeritus of the World Resource Institute, a global non-profit established in 1982 with funding from the MacArthur Foundation. The WRI was founded by James Gustave Speth, a co-founder of the Natural Resource Defense Counsel (NRDC). Speth also serves on the advisory council for Represent.Us, which claims to be a nonpartisan anti-corruption organization populated by hard-left political activist. Which for those trained in the tactics of Saul Alinsky, was just another form of Orwellian double-speak used to describe the ethics of radicals. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) policies are not new concepts at all, those policies were designed to cover-up the fact that radical Progressives had crawled into bed with the strangest, of strange bedfellows long ago.

Ruckelshaus had been appointed the Chairman of the Salmon Recovery Funding Board for the State of Washington, while a member of the Advisory Board for The William D. Ruckelshaus Center at the University of Washington and Washington State University (WSU). When the Hanford nuclear waste clean-up was about to become the largest EPA Superfund project in history, which involved a Tri-Party agreement signed in 1989. That occurred at the time George H W Bush began pushing his New World Order, allegedly being built around a clean energy economy. DOJ was quietly working on a side deal to protect the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), the federal agency producing and marketing the low-cost hydroelectric power from NW dams that was being used by the WPPSS schemers.

Washington State governor Booth Gardner, heir to the Weyerhaeuser fortune, had appointed Christine Gregoire as the head of WA Dept of Ecology to represent the state in that clean-up efforts. In 1991, Governor Gardner announced he wouldn’t seek a third term in office, because he was “out of gas”, but managed to become the new U.S. ambassador to the General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade (GATT) for the administration of George H. W. Bush. Christine Gregoire went on to become Washington State’s first female Attorney General, built around a reputation for her work on the man-made disaster at the Hanford site. The media never bothered to ask about the Environmental Impact Statement to build a nuclear power plant on the Columbia River, or if the Dept of Ecology boss knew the site was heavily polluted with nuclear waste before construction crews built a new nuclear power plant for WPPSS. No one charge appeared concerned about health issues, when money was to be made by bureaucrats.

When Bill Clinton took office in 1993, he used an executive order to mandate the exclusive use of EPA-approved products and service by every sub-division of government, creating what is effectively a Pay-To-Play scheme. Which is only beneficial to political insiders, with direct connections to the ENERGY STAR program crafted by the Bush regime. That made Ruckelshaus a very busy as a corporate environmentalist, from his work at the WSU. Which was hosting the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), the non-profit group created by BPA in 1996. NEEA had conducted research on behalf of the EPA’s new ENERGY STAR program.

WSU was once home to the world renown EnergyIdeas Clearinghouse, that was to showcase the cutting-edge technologies being discovered through another NEEA program called the Industrial Energy Efficiency Alliance. The Clearinghouse was an epic failure. Then WSU began a new Industries of the Future program, with a new IOF Clearinghouse. NEEA now operates a Northwest Energy Efficiency Leadership Forum (NEEL), for a sustained transformation built on trust. Most Americans are totally clueless about these government-owned NGO’s, especially those allowed to engage in so-called ‘direct action’ campaigns against the business interest of political opponents of big donors.

Groups like the Earth Island Institute, that was founded by David Brower have acted as an incubator for radical anti-American and anti-Capitalist groups for decades. Climate Solutions was a franchisee of the notorious Earth Island Institute, when selected to operate the massive Harvesting Clean Energy in Washington State. The Harvesting Clean Energy program claimed to be searching for energy-efficiency solutions for America’s industrial sector on behalf of the US government. The Climate Solution group produced two Poised For Profit reports, that were used in a Regional Economic Agenda by the Prosperity Partnership created by Washington States Governor Gary Locke in 2004.

Earth Island’s narcissistic leader liked to boasted of receiving a back-handed compliment from a EPA Director about himself. “Thank God for Dave Brower. He makes it easy for the rest of us to look reasonable”, which is the biggest problem with that federal agency.

Climate Solutions was created in 1999, just one year after the NRDC had teamed up with BPA to form the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). These were the same environmentalist that helped Enron gain control of Portland General Electric in 1997, which almost ended up in hands of a Texas group that sought to utilize the political connections of Oregon’s disgraced former Governor Neil Goldschmidt. Who had set himself up the states leading power broker, representing clients like Pacificorp, Weyerhaeuser and the Bechtel Corp.

As the BEF was driving up electric rates in the Pacific NW, Climate Solution was producing two Poised For Profit reports, that were used in a Regional Economic Agenda by the Prosperity Partnership created by Washington States Governor Gary Locke in 2004. Governor Locke had created his shadowy partisan political partnership, during the six month period it took for a court to declare that Christine Gregoire had won a highly-contested election for his old job. Voters were denied the opportunity to know, Christine Gregoire was now the defacto boss of the Prosperity Partnership.

Voters in west coast states had been kept in the dark about a West Coast Governors Global Warming Initiative, secretly signed by three corrupt Democrat governors in 2003. Disgraced CA Governor Gray Davis had signed that deal two weeks before he was removed from office by a Recall Petition, for his role in the California Energy Crisis of 2000-2001 that had driven up electric rates by 50%,

We now had Clinton’s former CIA Director James Woolsey, providing the keynote address on “Harvesting Clean Energy, National Security, and the Path to Energy Independence” at a Northwest Conference presented by Climate Solutions. Woolsey was suddenly playing the part of good corporate environmentalist, and telling about how he was introduced to Amory Lovins, the co-founder of the Rocky Mountain Institute. That was group Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm claimed was part of the DOE’s natural-gas policies, that appeared to favor only members of the World Economic Council, and UN’s business-driven enterprises.

Today we DOE pushing its Energy Earthshots Initiative that has bureaucrats pretending to be on new mission, which vaguely resembles their old Save Energy Now program. That $100 billion boondoggle funded 200 “industrial assessments” by staff at major universities, that was used as the vehicle to drive the hard-core Marxist philosophies onto the campuses of our educational system. If you were unaware of that pathetic DOE program, then you’re probably also clueless about Obama’s EPA: Lead By Example guidelines. Those guidelines directed bureaucrats to claim that ENERGY STAR® products were suddenly saving 25% to 50% more electricity than similar products, turning EPA’s “certified” energy-efficiency into a multi-billion dollar commodity. Which may have less credibility than the FTX crypto-currencies that Democrats used to influence the 2020 elections.