FAA’s Push For Diversity Replaces Competence

by Milt Harris at canadafreepress.com

Ifyou need something else to worry about, consider what is happening with the FAA. The airline industry is being pushed to immerse itself in everything DEI. The results of this push could be disastrous, because diversity does not equal competence.

On January 5th, Alaska Airlines flight 1282 suffered an inflight door failure. The plane was piloted by DEI female pilots. The pilots ignored three low cabin pressure warnings. After the door blowout occurred, they ignored the decompression and continued to increase altitude to over 16,000 feet for at least one minute. The female pilots then did not deactivate the auto pilot in order to lower the plane to a comfortable altitude, in fact they never deactivated the autopilot. Instead they ordered the autopilot to begin slow decent and allowed it to be employed through the landing procedure. Once on the ground, they violated FAA safety regulations, by leaving the cockpit voice recorder on, resulting in pertinent information to being erased.