“Racial Caucusing”: DEI, Med-school Segregation, and Woke Doctors

by Selwyn Duke at selwynduke.com

Maybe you’ll be able to call the physician who treats you in the future the DoubleplusGood Doctor. Oh, he perhaps won’t know much about human anatomical structure, but everything about structural racism. And if you’re sick and he renders the diagnosis “white and privileged,” you just may be able to know he’s a graduate of UCLA med school.

The Wall Street Journal explains why:

If you’ve heard that the diversity, equity and inclusion agenda is going away, don’t believe it. An emerging practice at elite medical schools segregates students by race to teach them about alleged structural racism in healthcare.

The University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine requires that first year students take a class called “Structural Racism and Health Equity” as part of the standard curriculum. In one exercise for the course, students divide by racial group and retreat to different areas to discuss antiracist prompts.

This is known as racial caucusing, a teaching device that UCLA describes as an “anti-racist pedagogical tool” to “provide a reflective space for us to explore how our positionality — particularly our racial identities as perceived within clinical spaces — influence our interaction with patients, colleagues and other staff.”

… Medical students in the class are asked to choose which of three racial categories they will identify with. They can select among “white student caucus group,” “Non-Black People of Color (NBPOC) student caucus group” or “Black student caucus group.”