Adam Schiff Secures LA Times Senate Endorsement

by Evan Symon at

In a release on Sunday, The Los Angeles Times endorsed Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) for the U.S. Senate, giving him one of the most prominent endorsements for Democratic candidates in the race.

For about a year, Schiff, Congresswoman Katie Porter (D-CA), and Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) have all been in the race for Senate. During that time, they have also collected as many endorsements as they could get, as the four-way Senate race has three prominent Democrats all vying for the same limited number of endorsements. Senators, Congressional members, mayors, and state lawmakers have all split their endorsements amongst the three, with Schiff and Lee receiving the most. However, most prominent endorsements were gone by November, with the largest remaining one, the California Democratic Party endorsement, failing to be chosen at the CADEM convention in November.

With candidates needing a boost in the last few weeks of the race to the Primary on March 5th, and especially for the first debate scheduled for next week in Los Angeles, an endorsement from the L.A. Times was sought after by Schiff, Porter, and Lee. On Sunday, the Times finally gave the endorsement to Schiff, giving him further momentum going into the second half of January.

“The three representatives are smart, experienced, savvy members of the House who could represent California well in the Senate,” said the Times in their endorsement. “Schiff, however, stands out for his extraordinary leadership over the last several years in helping to protect the nation’s institutions, the rule of law and American democracy itself from former President Trump.”