Charging an Electric Vehicle in Canada’s Deep Freeze

by Eric Worrall at

A Canadian in a frozen parking lot trying to coax a bit more range, at 45C below zero (-49F).

I think the store behind the charger is a Mark’s clothing and footwear store, though I couldn’t find the exact location.

If Aircon drains the battery that fast, how long would EV owners last, if an unexpected blizzard dumps a few feet of snow while they are on the open road? The electric vehicle in the photo doesn’t look like it has significant ground clearance or off-road capability. At least with a gasoline or diesel vehicle you can sit idling and stay warm for a long time if you get stuck. In really severe frost conditions, an ICE vehicle can pack a few extra cans of gas in the back to stretch your survival time, in case of emergencies.

I hope the Canadian EV owner survives the winter. But continuing to drive a vehicle which struggles to make a few miles down the road in conditions like that? What would have happened to the EV driver if the charger was not working? Would he have had enough power to make it to the next charger?