Washington State Bill Would Make Ammo a “Privilege”

According to Jason Rantz of KTTH Radio, Washington Democrats hope to reclassify ammunition as a “privilege” to take away gun rights.

State Representatives My-Linh Thai and Liz Berry, both Democrats, introduced House Bill 2238. Using the guise of public safety, they claimed access to ammo is the cause of violence. The bill adds an 11% sales and use tax on top of sales tax and other taxes levied when purchasing ammunition.

For example, Seattle imposes a per-round tax.

The bill also claims consumers do not have a “right” to purchase ammo – it’s a “privilege.”

As Democrats make the country more dangerous, they want to disarm Americans. That’s one way to depopulate.

Nothing will stop these gun grabbers. Now, they’re also ammo grabbers to make guns useless. They obsessively want to ban guns, and they don’t care if it is unconstitutional.

The only people they hurt are lawful gun owners.

The Washington State Constitution, Article I, Section 24, clearly states that “the right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired.”