Fmr Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Offers Solution To ‘Shut’ Border Crisis Down


Former Trump advisor Stephen Miller called out President Joe Biden over using “taxpayer dollars” at the southern border Friday on Fox News, giving one solution to “end” the crisis.

Miller appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the ongoing border crisis and give a solution to the issue. Fox host Laura Ingraham asked the former Trump advisor his thoughts on what a solution would look like for the issue, saying a bill is currently being worked on within the Senate.

Miller called out the president for using federal money to resettle illegal immigrants all over the country, pointing out Homeland Security funding is set to expire in February and House GOP members have control of  “the checkbook.”  The former Trump advisor said not “one federal penny” should be used for any involvement with resettling or releasing illegal immigrants, emphasizing the need to “end the taxi service.”

“Well, in the most important thing, and my position on this, Laura, hasn’t changed in three years, it gets back to the power of the purse. Joe Biden is using federal taxpayer dollars to take illegal aliens and resettle them in all 50 states, using your money, my money, and the money of everyone watching tonight,” Miller stated.