College Professor Fired for Refusing to Boost Grades of Students That Found Classes ‘Too Difficult’

by Frank Bergman at

A Georgia college professor says he was fired for refusing to boost the grades of students who complained his classes were “too difficult.”

On Thursday, Professor Kendrick Morales told “Fox & Friends” that he was fired by Spelman College – a private, historically black, women’s liberal arts college in Atlanta, Georgia.

Morales said he told the school he would not offer his economics students easier work and raise their marks on assignments just because the classes are hard.

However, he says the college boosted the grades anyway and later fired him.

“They definitely applied some pressure on me to raise grades above what I thought was reasonable, which I thought was totally against what I was supposed to do,” he told host Lawrence Jones.

“I thought I was responsible for setting academic standards and making sure that the grades and degrees the school was conferring actually held its value.”

Even with the alternative grades, Morales calculated that 44% of his class would still fail.

He said the dismal performance was part of a larger “incentive problem.”

Morales revealed that, if students complained, administrators would ultimately capitulate to pupils who were not motivated to work hard.