At Least 132 Catholic Clergy and Nuns Arrested, Kidnapped, Murdered in 2023

by Mary Chastain at

Catholic persecution is still rising around the world, especially in Africa.

Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) found that 132 of those in the Catholic clergy and nuns were arrested, kidnapped, and murdered in 2023.

All of the stats are likely higher. ACN only counts arrests related to persecution. We all know places will trump up charges to avoid persecution accusations.

The number went up from 124 in 2022. Arrests increased, but kidnappings and murders went down…but not by much.

  • 86 clergy arrested (55 in 2022)
  • 33 kidnapped (54 in 2022)
  • 14 murders (18 in 2022)
  • 42 of the arrested are still in custody

    The stats do not include members of the Catholic Church. Terrorists slaughtered almost 200 Catholics across Nigeria and destroyed villages, leaving tens of thousands homeless from December 23-26.