Hot Mic: Journalists Caught Fantasizing About Murdering Trump JFK-Style


The golden rule of speaking to a group using a microphone. Even if the sound guy promises the pain of death that the microphone is off, always assume the microphone is on. Everyone who has ever given a speech amplified with a mic knows this golden rule; however, these sportswriting yokels didn’t know or didn’t care.

On Tuesday, a hot microphone captured a group of unnamed “journalists” joking and fantasizing about assassinating former President Donald Trump as they awaited his arrival at the federal courthouse in Washington, DC. Did you notice the words “group of unnamed “journalists”  

There’s a rare medical problem most people don’t know about. Idiots are like magnets. A force makes them move close to and stick to each other. In this case, they were so close you couldn’t see their faces. That’s why the word group is used.

According to Mediaite, the idiocy journalists said:

JOURNO 1: You know what the worst part is? Even if he has his window open and he’s hanging out of it, he will be on the other side of the street.

JOURNO 2: I mean, if he’s driving, we’ve got a good shot!

JOURNO 1: Yeah, if he’s driving with the front window open?

JOURNO 2: Yeah, or if it’s a convertible?

JOURNO 1: Yeah. I wasn’t thinking about that

JOURNO 2: Yeah. Like if he just pulls up–


JOURNO 2: (laughs)

JOURNO 1: Maybe someone, just like they told JFK, “You know what you should do? You should take a convertible! It’s so nice out!”

UH-OH, two idiots were able to pull away from the group and have their own conversation, making fun of a president who was murdered trying to learn the needs and wants of. The people in Texas.