Unfounded Hatred Of Israel Overflows Into Ignorant Defacing Of American Veterans Resting Place

by Milt Harris at canadafreepress.com

There is something intrinsically wrong with this unfounded hatred of Israel. Have you seen the crowds? Many of these people are nothing more than bandwagon haters. They know nothing substantial about true Mideast history, but they can’t pass up an opportunity to hate.

These so-called generation groups consisting of Millennials, Gen. Z and Gen. Alpha are nothing more than the type of mobs from past centuries that commuted justice with pitch forks and torches.

For example, recently, a high school basketball game was forfeited when the players on a girl’s public basketball team from Roosevelt High School, tormented, and shouted anti-Semitic remarks at girls from the private Jewish Leffell School in Hartsdale, N.Y. One comment along with continued rough play caused the game to be forfeited. The comment, “I support Hamas, you f**king Jew,” a Roosevelt player barked at a Leffell opponent, was reported by the New York City Public Schools Alliance, a group of parents and teachers fighting antisemitism.

As a result of the unjustified madness, one coach and a player were dismissed from the team. I use this as an example to highlight my point. There is no reason for a high school girls basketball team to exhibit this amount of hatred, unless they were so weak as to stand independent against the absurd. The left is seething with hatred, and they are grooming generations of hateful followers that believe they are independent.

Over the weekend, pro-Palestinian demonstrators defaced the Los Angeles National Cemetery, where 85,000 veterans of wars and their families dating back to the American Civil War are buried.

These punks originally spray-painted “Free Gaza” on the entrance to the memorial, then later they added the word “intifada,” which is a call for a war against the Jews of Israel.