Ukraine Has a Path to Victory?

by Larry Johnson at

No. Admiral “Rachel” Levine, a dude pretending to be a woman who heads the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, will give birth to a baby and breastfeed it before Ukraine “wins.” Try telling that to “Rose Gottemoeller, a lecturer at Stanford University and former NATO deputy secretary-general, and Michael Ryan, a former U.S. deputy assistant defense secretary for European and NATO policy”, who just published an article in Foreign Policy, Ukraine Has a Path to Victory. Thank God they are no longer in government service. Their article reveals a depth of ignorance and delusion that is breath taking. They start with this nonsense:

Ukraine’s daring attack on a major Russian warship in occupied Crimea in the small hours of Dec. 26 was one more episode in Kyiv’s strategy to deny Russia control over the Black Sea. With most of its ships driven out of its home port in Sevastopol, the Russian Black Sea Fleet can no longer find safe haven anywhere along the Crimean Peninsula.

Yep. In their fantasy world, hitting an aging ship that is in dry dock and serves no current military purpose for the Russian Navy is a major victory. Then they offer up this bit of laugh-your-ass-off inadvertent humor:

While Russia has been going all-out to attack Ukraine’s infrastructure, its risky move to deploy ships and submarines armed with Kalibr missiles in the Black Sea is exposing them to potential Ukrainian attack. It is a tacit acknowledgment that Russia can no longer depend on Crimean ports and launch sites.