Dallas Independent School District Publicizes Guide Advising Students on Gender Mutilation

by Emily Medeiros at  texasscorecard.com

According to a new report from The Dallas Express, the Dallas Independent School District has published a resource guide that advises children on how to change genders. 

Named the “LGBTQ+ Resources for Dallas ISD & Surrounding Communities,” the document recommends various “transgender” clinics, gives resources on how to socially, legally, and medically transition, and lists books for elementary students about gender-confused children.  

Robyn Harris, the executive director of Dallas ISD’s communications team, told The Dallas Express that the document is only available to adults who request it. She specified that the adults are to be parents or other school employees. However, upon further investigation, it was found that the document was shared with the public through the social media platform ‘X.’

Dallas ISD also shared the guide on its news site, “The Hub,” when talking about LGBT “pride month.” The newsletter said the resource guide “can be shared with parents, staff and students alike.”

One of the authors of the document, Devyn Box, is a self-proclaimed “queer, trans, and non-binary” person. Box’s services include providing children with reference letters to obtain gender-mutilation surgeries.