Plato’s Allegory Of The Bitcoin ETFs

by Mark Jeftovic at 

Lumpenvestors are trapped within a system they believe is real

Probably everybody reading this is familiar with Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”.

Those who aren’t may recognize it in many of it’s contemporary variations: seminal blockbusters like “The Matrix” or lesser known cult classics such as “Dark City”, even the memetic thought construct of the “Simulation Hypothesis” – they are all expressing the same concept:

That what we think is The Real World actually isn’t, it’s just a flattened projection of reality.

The common folk  are like prisoners, chained in a cave, wherein observed events are largely acts of puppetry, choreographed from behind their field of vision.

In Plato’s allegory, the manufactured existence is quite literally the projection of shadows: what is taken for reality are really just images on a wall – a screen – if you will. Behind the captives, if one could make their way out of the cave, they could perceive reality for what it is – in the splendour of the full light of day.