NYU Professor Insists American Colleges Aren’t ‘Left-Wing Hotbeds’

by Mike LaChance at legalinsurrection.com

Leif Weatherby is an associate professor of German at New York University. In a column for the Boston Globe, Weatherby insists that American colleges are not indoctrinating students in leftism and almost seems disappointed by this.

His argument seems to be from the perspective of someone who supports Bernie Sanders, as he reserves much of his criticism for the corporatization of higher education.

I first heard about the column when it was highlighted by FOX News:

Boston Globe column denies that American colleges are ‘left-wing hotbeds’: ‘Not indoctrinating students’

A new column in the Boston Globe argued that despite a “tradition of conservatives complaining of liberal tendencies on campuses,” “no elite university is driven by left-wing politics.”

New York University associate German professor Leif Weatherby insisted in his piece that though American universities seem to give lip service to leftwing ideas, they are merely corporations tasked with “expanding” their “massive amounts of wealth” and act in “conformity with the rightward swing of our society over the last half century.”

He opened the column declaring, “But here’s the simple truth: No elite university is driven by left-wing politics. It can seem otherwise, because over the course of our young century universities have committed themselves to social justice rhetoric. But they have not committed themselves to social justice.”