Conservative Tree House Truth Telling Has Dems Digging for DIVERSIONS

by Judi McLeod at

When the savvy blogger called ‘Sundance’ over at the Conservative Tree House, otherwise known as The Last Refuge goes digging, the shocking truth is staggering:

“I have long been saying the Jack Smith special counsel team is the reassembly of the Robert Mueller team. Today, inside Politico article outlining other ancillary matters about the 2020 election challenges, Politico inadvertently confirmed my suspicions.” (Conservative TreeHouse, Jan.4, 2024) 

It’s the Same People – Politico Confirms Robert Mueller Agents/Lawyers Are Jack Smith Agents/Lawyers

No skeletons—no matter how rattling— remain hidden in deep closets when Sundance starts digging:

“First, the non-pretending BIG PICTURE. The Clinton exoneration FBI Team became the Trump investigation FBI Team (Crossfire Hurricane) -which then became the Robert Mueller FBI Team (exact same people, plus some additions) – which then became the J6 Investigation FBI Team (exact same people, plus some additions) – which then became the Jack Smith FBI Team (same exact people). Not only is it one long continuum, but it’s also the EXACT SAME PEOPLE. (Conservative Tree House)

“So, the Politico Article, discussing the FBI Agents and the DOJ officials who signed the subpoena that stemmed from Jack Smith, is not really surprising other than the confirmation of the same DC-based FBI agents and DC-based Lawfare operatives.