Mark Cuban, John Lennon’s Son Set Twitter Ablaze w/ Dueling DEI Definitions

by Luis Cornelio at

Businessman Mark Cuban and Sean Ono Lennon, the son of the late musician John Lennon, set Twitter ablaze due to their strikingly differing views on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), a contentious hiring practice that prioritizes minority individuals.  

The contentious dueling posts of Cuban and Lennon began during discussions on hiring practices, particularly following Harvard President Claudine Gay’s resignation over anti-Semitism and plagiarism scandals. Notably, Harvard faced accusations of hiring Gay only because of her race.

“Have you guys heard of DEI? It stands for ‘Dumb Evil Idiots,’” said Lennon in a since-deleted post, addressing a supportive Twitter audience.

In contrast, Cuban expressed support for DEI in several tweets, countering Elon Musk’s and Lennon’s anti-DEI stance by highlighting diversity’s alleged positive impact on business. 

“Having a workforce that is diverse and representative of your stakeholders is good for business,” he stated, despite a seemingly disapproving response from some.

Cuban further dubbed equity as a “core principle of business” in a follow-up post. “Put your employees in a position to succeed. Recognize their differences and play to their strengths where ever [sic] possible. It is not a hard concept. But it is not easy to implement,” he claimed.  

Lennon, in a separate post on Jan. 3, criticized DEI, arguing that its implementation leads to “institutional racism.” He suggested that excluding non-diverse individuals in hiring or other selection practices constitutes racism. 

“To make a long story short: the people who claim to be fighting ‘institutional racism’ are doing so by creating institutional racism. (And absolutely no one should be surprised by this.)” Lennon tweeted in response to Harvard donor Bill Ackman’s rebuke of ex-President Gay. 

Lennon further commented, “And you can also supplant the word ‘racism’s with ‘oppression.’ It’s both.”