“The Democrat Party is Done in Chicago and That’s a Fact” – Black Chicagoans Vow to Flip Chicago Red for 2024 Election Over Migrant Crisis – Want to Meet with Trump

by Jim Hoft at thegatewaypundit.com

Recently the African Diaspora News Channel (ADNC) spoke to Mark Carter who is begging Republican leaders to visit inner city Chicago and witness the burgeoning migrant crisis that is sucking resources away from native Chicagoans who are suffering under Joe Biden’s policies.

Mark Carter believes 2024 is the time for Republicans and Trump to flip Chicago red.ADNC Reporter: Within the last couple of weeks or months, we’ve been hearing a lot from the black residents of Chicago and specifically that of Mark Carter, who has been very instrumental in speaking out against the migrants going into Chicago and taking up all the resources, right, resources away from the black community. Now, recently, I did a video about him and others saying that they want to have a conversation with Trump. They invited the Republicans to go and speak with them. Now, this video I’m about to show you, it was actually three black gentlemen on there. But Mark Carter, I’m going to show you his segment. Know, he and the other men were at a homeless encampment. They were talking about the issues that black Chicagoans are facing, of course, homelessness and all of that. And they’re basically saying, we are paying to be homeless because a lot of know people pay taxes, right? And so you’re paying taxes, but the money is not going to help you. It’s actually going to help other people or helping other people that are going into Chicago. It is said that by the end of this year, not more, it’s going to be about $300 million allocated toward helping the migrants in Chicago alone.