Sinking the Navy without a shot

by Robert Arvay at

The U.S. Navy built its reputation on canvas sails, not satin.

Matt Walsh has produced an excellent video on X (Twitter) reporting on a cross-dressing sailor, upon whom the U.S. Navy is now relying, at least in part, to bolster its anemic recruiting results.

Walsh makes several important points, describing how this recruitment effort backfires on two counts.  First, cross-dressers tend to be averse to the uniform discipline required of any armed military force.  Even if permitted to indulge their perversion, few will join.  Armed forces are all about breaking things and killing people in the process.  Second (using my own words, not Walsh’s), men and women who oppose the increasing degeneracy of society are not going to be attracted to the Navy by degenerates.  If anything, they will be repelled.  Anecdotal evidence abounds that healthy young men, whom the armed forces in the past valued as prime targets of recruitment, are citing the “woke” factor as the reason to remain as civilians.  Even those who otherwise would join are deterred by exactly the kind of recruitment effort that the Navy “top brass” is currently foisting on the public.

Walsh obliquely mentions such other important items as that our enemies are not intimidated by drag queens.  If anything, they are emboldened to attack us.  Just ask them.